River Edge emergency dentist

River Edge Emergency Dentist

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Emergencies, toothaches in River Edge

River Edge emergency dentist
River Edge emergency dentist

Toothaches demand prompt care and treatment. At the office of Noam Kranz, DMD, our River Edge emergency dentist provides timely and gentle attention, resulting in the relief of your pain and the best outcome that is possible.

Pain in your tooth typically means that the nerve is exposed, or that in addition to that, the pulp (located next to the nerve) is inflamed, infected, or damaged. Exposed nerves come from cavities, the loss of a filling or one that has come loose, or a chipped or cracked tooth. You have natural protective barriers that keep your nerve and pulp shielded. Tooth decay opens up space in the form of a cavity, and chips or cracks do the same. Now your nerve and pulp are susceptible. For this reason, it is vital that you see our River Edge emergency dentist as quickly as you can when you first detect a toothache. We’ll do our part. We will ensure that you are given a priority for an appointment right away. The first thing that is done is to get a timely diagnosis. Doing so often requires x-rays to find out what is going on inside your tooth. There are four typical ways to treat your toothache. Our River Edge emergency dentist can put in a new or replacement filling, take impressions for a crown to cover a chipped or cracked tooth (and place a temporary one in the meantime), perform root canal to repair an infected or damaged pulp, or extract the tooth, which is listed last because it is only resorted to when there is no other option.

Remember, your toothache should never be ignored. At the first indication of tooth pain, you should consider that the clock is ticking. Contact our office urgently and we will take quick action to have you seen.

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