Root canal in River Edge

Root Canal in River Edge

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Dentist in River Edge

Root canal in River Edge
Root canal in River Edge

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should make an immediate appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Noam Kranz, at our office, Noam Kranz, DMD. It may be that you need to have a root canal in River Edge to save your tooth.

When you come to our dental practice with tooth pain, our dentist will assess the cause of the problem. If you have a tooth that has damaged or infected pulp, you will need to have a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Symptoms that you may have this tooth problem include pain in your tooth when you eat something that is hot or cold, or pain when the tooth has pressure placed upon it. You may even have a tooth that is constantly painful. In some cases, a person may need to have a root canal treatment, and their tooth has not yet become painful, however, this is rare. A tooth can get damaged or infected pulp in several different ways. If a cavity is left untreated, decay can reach the center of the tooth and cause infection. Having a cracked tooth or filling, also allows bacteria to enter which can cause infection of the pulp as well. In some cases, a tooth may be subjected to dental trauma. This can damage the tooth, or the pulp inside it. This damaged pulp will eventually become infected. Having a cracked tooth that has not been treated, will cause damage as well to the pulp, either by constant irritation, or by letting in bacteria. If you have a tooth that has damaged pulp in its interior, the only way it can be saved is with a root canal treatment. The good news is that root canal treatments are effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. And with today’s modern dental anesthesia and procedures, and with our state-of-the-art equipment, patients now remain perfectly comfortable during their root canal in River Edge, at our office.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist regarding a root canal in River Edge, contact us today.

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